Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finally A New Update

Well I will try and update the blog every day this week so everyone can catch up on Miss Sarah's activities. Unfortunately both Sarah and mommy have colds, but at least Sarah seemed to be feeling better today. I have been very busy working the past couple of weeks so Joella and Sarah went down to Arkansas for a few days and visited with Karl, Loretta, Maggie, and Amelia. Next weekend Lisa and Grandma Diane get to come visit so we are looking forward to that.

Sarah had another good checkup with the developmental therapist so she does not have to go back there for another six months. Beyond that news, Sarah has two bottom teeth starting to poke through and thankfully they have not made her too fussy yet. Sarah is now rolling around like crazy, but she still does not like to push up on her knees very much so we should still have a little more time to prepare for her crawling. Well, here are some pictures from the last month or so...

Sarah showing daddy how to properly wear safety glasses at the robot house.

Of course Sarah made sure that she was the center of attention during the team dinner party at the robot house.

Joella was able to help Lee's Summit North High School build their robot a little this year. She usually waited until Sarah went to bed at night during the week and then daddy got to watch Sarah on the weekends. The robot is awesome and they are looking forward to going to Denver at the end of March for the big competition.

Of course Mollie has already figured out where the best place to lay is during dinner. At least the carpet should stay fairly clean...

This picture is already almost a month old and soon Mollie will have to watch out for Miss Sarah coming after her.

Sarah loves her soft blocks.

And Sarah is getting much better about staying seated...mommy's foot is just helping her balance a little.

Sarah checking out her selection of blocks...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A February Update

Sarah has been growing quite a bit over the past month and unfortunately for mommy, so has her attitude. Sarah still sleeps very well at night, but nap times are much more of a wild card. Sarah also creates quite an adventure during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She definitely does not mind getting messy, but at least she will eat most foods on most days.

As always, here is your most favorite thing about the blog...

That cute smile is surely going to help her get away with some stuff growing up.

Sarah is not getting close to crawling yet, instead she likes to just squirm around and do the "airplane".

Sarah playing with her learning puppy. She still needs a little help from the pillow to stay sitting up.

Sarah hanging out with Grandma Patty.

Mollie and Sarah checking each other out.

Here is a flashback to when Mollie first checked Sarah out the day we brought her home from the hospital.

Sarah has finally outgrown her booster and she can now officially jump off of the floor! If you notice, the picture shows the point right when Sarah flung the chain out of her hand and squealed.

Sarah has also officially grown up to the big girl tub.

Hey Anne...Sarah also loves her soft little chick. Is this picture better than pictures of prunes on her face and stories about dirty diapers?

Sarah even agreed to pose with her cute little chick.

Dad still is not too sure about this business of inviting boys over (especially a boy that has a shirt on that says "Let's Get Wild" on it), but I guess that I will have to start getting used to it. Of course I am just kidding and Sarah played very well with Ben today (he was born a week after Sarah).