Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally More Videos

Here are some videos from the last two months that we finally downloaded onto the computer...

Sarah eating her ice cream cone with Uncle Kurt. Sarah can't wait until this summer when she gets the real thing!

Sarah gets very sleepy after eating at night. Here she is at Grandma's house falling asleep while sitting up.

Sarah has a very cute giggle...although mommy gets a headache trying to get Sarah to do it.

Sarah really loves her jumper.

Look at her short legs go...

Of course, our wild dingos are as crazy as ever...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Winter Hibernation Continues

There really is not a whole lot new to report as we are spending the winter indoors as much as possible. Joella has been sneaking out after Sarah's bedtime in order to help with the local highschool robotics team and I have been getting a little (very little actually) exercise playing hockey on the weekends. Although it's nothing like "The Shining", we are going to be very excited when May come around and we can do more outdoors. Here are some more pictures from the last month...

Maggie in front of the Christmas tree.

Joella and Amelia being silly.

Karl taking a nap with Mollie and Lucy (on Maggie's bed).

Proof that Sarah can turn fussy in the blink of eye. In all fairness to Uncle Dave, Sarah was very hungry at this time and wanted some food now!

Sarah playing with her talking doggy that Grandma Diane gave her for Christmas.

Sarah playing with her Pooh bear that Aunt Melissa gave her.

Sarah loves playing with her spoon that mommy gives her once she's eaten all of her fruits and veggies.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Busy and Fun Holiday Season

Sarah has so much to tell everyone about her first Christmas, so here you go...

Aunt Lisa was able to hold me lots and I was fascinated by my blue bow.

Until I saw daddy opening another one of my presents.

I loved drinking the grape soda from my new picnic basket. Thanks Aunt Lisa!

Then I caught a glimpse of my chocolate ice cream cone.

I can't wait for real ice cream this summer, but for now this will do.

I enjoyed eating lots of sweet potatoes.

I even learned how to wipe off my own face.

See...I'm all clean!

I played princesses with cousins Maggie and Amelia for the first time.

And daddy let me play beads too.

Poor daddy kept losing in Princess Memory...but at least he kept getting his favorite princess (Jasmine).

I was able to hang out with my big cousin Maggie.

And she even read me stories.

It was great opening my presents from Aunt Loretta and Uncle Karl.

And I can't wait until mommy finishes putting pictures in my banner.

On Christmas, my Uncle Dave got to hold me (although I did get fussy with him later on).

And Grandma Patty read me a story.

The day after Christmas, my friend Megan came over and we talked about how crazy our mommies are...but we sure love them!

I love my mommy! (Especially when she gives me fun presents)