Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally New Pictures

It has been a long time, so here are a bunch of pictures from Sarah's summer of adventure...

Sarah wearing her pretty summer dress and hat to church...the sippy cup has gone away in the past month.

Sarah loves playing dress up, especially with her SilverMist fairy outfit that she received for her birthday.

A few weeks ago Sarah wanted to play over and over in Otis' and Clementine's cages...she proudly said "I'm in puppy cages"...

Sarah still likes to go to the KC zoo, especially to see Nikita...the new polar bear!

Sarah showing off the dress that Uncle Kurt gave her for her birthday...she looked very cute at church!

Sarah eating her favorite summer snack...ICE CREAM! Sarah's high chair has also been put she has a big girl booster seat.

And finally a little more dress-up time...this time as Ariel! I think that we might have found her most favorite princess...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sarah has had a very busy summer so far. We have spent lots of time at the pool and she is definitely a water girl. We have also been to the zoo a couple of times, though it's been pretty hot lately. She has been busy learning new stuff, like her ABCs and nursery rhymes. She has also picked up some Spanish from Dora and Diego and her toys. We managed to get some of it on video the other day. It's amazing how fast she learns stuff...we call her our little sponge :)