Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sarah's Many Faces

As Sarah has gotten bigger, she has definitely become more animated as you can tell by the following pictures. Now if Sarah can only be animated during the day and more sleepy at night.

Of course, we can't forget the puppies...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Sleeping and Spewing From the Little Angel

Sarah continues to only sleep for about 4 hours straight at time, but she is getting a little better about falling back asleep somewhat quickly (once she gets her diaper changed and a little more food in her). Joella has started giving her some gas relief drop so Sarah's stomach does not seem to get upset quite as often as before. Since Sarah is feeding so well right now, she does get too full from time to time and boy can she spew. Mommy of course has lots of fun cleaning up after her, and of course, Sarah then feels fine and just wants to keep on eating.

Next week Sarah gets to go see the pediatrician and we will see what her weight is up to. For today I will include some cute pictures of Sarah sleeping in mommy's sling. Although Sarah is getting better about sleeping on her back in the crib, she always would rather be held.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally A New Blog Entry!

Well I broke my streak of at least getting one blog entry a week in, but you can guess how busy things have been. With Grandma Diane leaving last week, Joella and I have had a difficult time keeping up with things, so we had to resort to giving Sarah some chores. Here she is helping out with the laundry.

Last night we took Sarah for a walk in her stroller and for the first time I took the puppies along. The dogs were not too thrilled about having to follow behind the stroller, but that is what Cesar Millan says you must do. My arms got very tired after just a couple of blocks so I turned the dogs around while mommy and Sarah kept walking. It was very cute because for the next 5 minutes the dogs kept turning around to see where mommy and the baby were going. As always, I will end the blog with some more cute pictures...

Here is everyone taking part in play time...

Although Lucy insisted that Grandma give her some attention too.

How do you like my new clown jammies?

Do you recognize the outfit that Sarah came home from the hospital in? It is definitely starting to get pretty snug on her.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Visit From Grandma Diane

Grandma Diane took the train into Kansas City on Saturday and Sarah is having a good visit with her. Grandma even got to get up this morning at 4 am and help hold Miss Fussy while mom and dad got some more sleep. Sarah is getting plenty of attention so the visit is going well except for a few jealous barks and licks on Grandma from Lucy. This afternoon Sarah passed her infant hearing test and in a couple of weeks she will go back to the opthamalogist and hopefully pass her eye test.

Here is Sarah all bundled up getting ready to pick Grandma up from the train station...

Sarah has been having lots of fun with Grandma this week...

And for the final picture of the day, here is our bundled Sweetie showing how far she can squirm from the center of her crib. Sarah managed to squirm completely sideways and put her head right next to the monitor that way we would certainly hear her once she started screaming.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Sleeping Sweetie

Last Friday we took Sarah to get her first professional portraits taken. Our little angel was great as long as she stayed asleep, so we did not dare to wake the sleeping giant. Enjoy the photos...

And finally, here is a photo that we did not order a bunch of prints of, but we are sure glad that we have it digitally. How do you like that face?