Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun fall weekend

Grandma Diane and Aunt Lisa (Mark's mom and sister) drove in from St. Louis for a visit this weekend. It was a beautiful fall weekend and we had a great time. We ate lots of bbq, played lots of cards and even helped Mark clean up the leaves in the yard...or maybe we just made a bigger mess :) Sarah had lots of fun playing in the leaves and even the puppies got in on the action.

She thought it was fun to bury daddy in the leaves

Mollie and Lucy decided to get daddy too

We even tried to get a picture for our Christmas card this year. We got a couple of good ones. I'll save those for later, but here are a couple I thought were cute.

I love how Sarah is leaning on cute!

Apparently Lucy was done with picture taking...

Sarah trying to run over grandma with her big wheel

Picking some flowers for grandma and aunt Lisa

Snuggling on the bed with grandma

Playing kitchen with aunt Lisa

Isn't that the sweetest!

Playing cards with grandma and aunt Lisa

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