Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soccer, hockey and a haircut

Looks who's sporting a sassy new haircut! Sarah's hair was getting a little on the shaggy side and since she won't let me do anything except put a bow in, she was due for a little trim.

A new hockey season has started which means daddy has lots of smelly hockey gear stinking up the garage :) Mark had an early game a few weeks ago, so Sarah and I got to go watch. We had gone to something else that afternoon and Sarah had to catch a nap in the car. There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping little one!

Sarah loved seeing daddy in his hockey uniform

Our Parents as Teachers group had a free soccer session for toddlers last week and we actually remembered to sign-up for it :) It was kind of mass chaos, but lots of fun!

Scoring a goal!

Jumping over the noodle

All the kids under the parachute

Checking out her soccer ball stamp on her belly

They also gave us a tattoo with their logo on it, which is two little dinosaurs in soccer uniforms. Sarah insisted on putting the tattoo on her belly, just like the stamp...and you can still see it a week later :)

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